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Rates & Payment

​​Session Fees/Costs:
$200.00 for an individual, couple, and/or family therapy session.​
The following payment methods are accepted: Cash or check, Credit, Debit, Health Savings Account (HSA) card or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) card.

I can provide a Superbill to facilitate the use of Out of Network Benefits, this will require a diagnosis to be provided to your insurance company. 

Why don't I work with insurance?

One of the challenges in working with insurance is the need for diagnosis. Currently the mental health care system does not include reimbursement for relational or couple/family diagnoses.
This means that in order for insurance to pay for services 1 member of the couple or family must receive a psychiatric diagnosis. Due to this, and also due to the challenges of managed care dictating treatment, and having access to your medical records, I have made the difficult decision to refrain from working with insurance.

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